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The Advanced Crafter Group met again yesterday. Members extended their skills in pergamano having started with the Groovi system last week. A Groovi template provides the outline for a picture which is produced by working on parchment and tracing over a groove to produce an embossed outline. To complete the piece, the image and the backgrounds are coloured and careful work is done to emboss (stretch) the coloured area to produce veining and/or white areas. (See image).  

This week's lesson took the group closer to the original peramano, with a chosen image being traced over with fine white ink/pencil and then embossed. Pin pricks and cutting and snipping with pergamano scissors  complete the piece to produce intricate lace effects. Today's patterns were relatively simple. Much more complex patterns can be produced with real impact. With lots of practice, group members can aspire to this. 

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