Crafting Activities

​​​​​​​Getting Involved

The Craft4Smiles C.I.C. Crafting Community

We are a community to which everyone is invited to contribute in any way they can and we want to hear everyone's ideas and views. Those who attend our weekly craft groups are 'participants' in Craft4Smiles C.I.C. Participants are invited to our monthly meetings and workshops and are eligible to volunteer to be involved in the running of the organization and to display and sell crafted items in our online galleryThose on our long courses can work towards becoming assistant tutors or tutors. 

We are developing a Craft4Smiles C.I.C. Advisory Committee which will allow those who would like to be more involved in the running and development of our community, to set the organization's agenda and to contribute to more in-depth discussions with Fiona and Gray and the other Board members.  

Course Dates

If you are a participant in a Craft4Smiles course, click on this link for course dates for 2022

Monthly Meetings

Our monthly meetings are usually held on the last Friday in the month from 1.30 - 2.30/3.00 p.m. via Zoom. If you are involved with Craft4Smiles C.I.C. in any way, you are most welcome to join the meeting. We will email you an invitation just before the meeting starts. Agendas will be posted on the website in advance of the meeting. If there is anything you would like included, let Fiona know at least one week before the meeting. 

Monthly Meeting Dates:

To be notified for 2022 - these will restart later in the year having been put on hold during the Pandemic. 

Agendas and Notes of Previous Meetings:



Participants in our short and long courses are eligible to volunteer to be involved in the running of the organization and to display and sell crafted items in our online gallery. Those on our Introduction to Paper Crafting courses can work towards becoming assistant tutors or tutors.  If you would like to become a volunteer or work towards becoming an Assistant or Craft Tutor, let Fiona and Gray know. 

Becoming an Assistant Tutor 

By becoming proficient in the crafts we teach, and then opting to become an Assistant Tutor, participants can work towards becoming paid craft tutors in their own right. Support to develop sufficient skills and experience in group work and core work skills to ensure safe and effective working will be provided. More information about the training offered is provided under 'Volunteer Training' below. 

Participants may also go on to set up their own businesses for which ongoing support will be provided.

Volunteer Training 

As a volunteer, tutor or trainee tutor, a basic understanding of aspects of the workplace in general e.g. health and safety, data security and protection and safeguarding vulnerable children is essential. We have sourced courses that cover most of the essential areas that will allow anyone who does not have the basic knowledge necessary to be either a volunteer, assistant tutor or tutor for Craft4Smiles C.I.C. This information is contained in The Staff and Volunteer Handbook: Appendix H: Volunteer Roles and Training Policy. 

Gallery and Craft Fairs

Participants in the groups are encouraged to display and sell the things they make in the group sessions and at home in the Craft4Smiles C.I.C. Gallery and at craft fairs. 70% of the profits go to the person who made the items, the balance contributes to the cost of running the shop and the website. 

Policies & Procedures

Our policies and procedures underpin the way that Craft4Smiles C.I.C. runs and ensure that we operate safely and effectively. These are currently in draft format and will be signed off in October 2020. Volunteers and staff must ensure that they are aware of the contents and that they are working to the policies and procedures that apply to what they are doing.