Wellbeing and Learn English Project with the Latvian Community in Peterborough

We are really looking forward to tomorrow - it's going to be an exciting day ..... because we will be starting the 'Wellbeing and Learning English through Crafting' course with the Latvian community in Peterborough funded by Near Neighbours and PCVS - "thank you very much - both!" Quilling is the chosen activity and the course will run for 8 weeks with 2 x 1.5 hour sessions each week.

With crafting being a fun and social activity, and there being significant repetiton of processes and therefore language, we will be making some beautiful quilled pictures while teaching some very basic and key English words. Run online and with no formal registration processes, the course is easy to access and run at a time convenient to those who want to participate. We will, of course, be assessing whether we our aim of improving wellbeing and teaching English have been achieved. If successful, and the group would like to continue, Craft4Smiles C.I.C. and the Latvian Community Association UK in Peterborough will seek further funding to both continue the group and to set up more courses so that more people can participate - there are already 3 people on the waiting list. 

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